Meet the Eligible Shows (Part 1)

As the cut-off date for eligibility is coming up this week on April 28th, let’s take a look at the shows that have made the official jump to being Tony Eligible!

Able to be entered for Best Play:

An Act of God an-act-of-god-large-643x441

Written by David Javerbaum, this play is an adaptation of his The Last Testament: A Memoir by God. Billed as a “comedy in which the Almighty and his devoted angels answer some of the” questions that have “plagued” the human race since the dawn of time.

Where: Studio 54
Run: May 28 2015-August 2 2015



China Doll china-doll

Written by David Mamet and starring Al Pacino, China Doll brushes with “big money, fast planes, and other objects of desire.” It follows the life of Pacino, a “man of means” who is on the brink of running away with his fiancée, but the world has other plans.

Where: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
Run: December 4 2015-January 31 2016



Eclipsed eclipsed-102015

Originally staged at the Public Theatre, Eclipsed is written by Danai Gurira of The Walking Dead fame. The show is set in the midst of the Liberian Civil War, and follows the trials and tribulations of a “fragile community” formed by the captive wives of a rebel officer.

Where: Nederlander Theatre
Run: March 8 2016-





The Father 80651-3

Starring 3-time past Tony winner Frank Langella, The Father captures a “fascinating” look inside the mind of a retired tap dancer now living with his adult daughter and her husband, but the mundane has a way of creeping up and clouding his mind.

Where: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Run: April 14 2016-





The Humans the-humans-poster

Written by Stephen Karam, The Humans take place entirely over the course of the Blake family Thanksgiving dinner. The show features the “angst, anguish, and amity” of a middle class American family as an inside slice of the new Americana.

Where: Helen Hayes Theatre
Run: February 18 2016-



King Charles III 13715-3

Written by Mike Bartlett, King Charles III takes a controversial look at Britain’s royal family. “After a lifetime of waiting”, the current Prince Charles ascends to the throne. The play explores the “people beneath the crowns” and “the unwritten rules of (British) democracy.”

Where: Music Box Theatre
Run: November 1 2015- January 31 2016





Misery misery

Based on the Stephen King thriller novel of fame, Misery was adapted for stage by William Goldman and starring Bruce Willis in his Broadway debut. Following a near-fatal car crash, an author is saved by one of his most avid fans.

Where: Broadhurst Theatre
Run: November 15 2015- February 14 2016



Our Mother’s Brief Affair 14766-3

Written by Richard Greenberg, Our Mother’s Brief Affair takes a look at “who our parents are when they’re not being our parents.” The show follows a family after their matriarch confesses on her deathbed to a past affair.

Where: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Run: January 20 2016- March 6 2016





Thérèse Raquin 13758-3

Based on the Émile Zola novel of the same name, Thérèse Raquin stars Keira Knightly in her Broadway debut as the titular character, trapped between a loveless marriage and a passionate affair that threatens to spin their world “violently out of control.”

Where: Studio 54
Run: October 19 2015- January 3 2016




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